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Foto naruto hinata hot

And that was completely fine with him. Di bawah ini bisa anda baca siapa saja tokoh wanita di Naruto, mulai karakter utama sampai yang jarang muncul sekalipun. Hah, I would. The milk was hot, creamy and delicious, filling his whole body with a tingling warmth.

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Foto naruto hinata hot

Down girl, down," Naruto laughed while gently pushed her head back. How long Naruto drank from her, neither of them knew. Well, with so much milk and a cow eager to provide it, why not help himself? Even the image of Hinata's old human form seemed to fade away from her mind. Not a day went by when she spent several hours fantasizing and eagerly waiting for her regular milking. Hinata truly experienced pleasure beyond pleasure. She lowered her legs while pressing her butt firmer against Naruto. Dia sangat terinspirasi dengan semangat pantang menyerah Naruto. Gripping the fat ass of his pet firmly, Naruto shoved his entire length into Hinata's pussy. He felt the hot milk cover his body, and licked some that ran down near his lips.

Filled with emotion, Hinata lifted her head up to his and started licking his face. But Hinata didn't mind. Chapter 3 4. Her beloved was home. I think my mind was ready to close the book on this tale, so I decided to just bite the bullet and end it here. See the end of the chapter for notes. They pinched her nipples and squeezed her boobs from the base to her tips, like trying to extract the last bit of paste from a tube. It didn't matter where or when, being milked by her husband never failed to send Hinata to heaven.

Even the image of Hinata's old human form seemed to fade away from her mind. It never failed to get him rock hard. I was only gone for a few hours," Naruto laughed while happily petting her body. She focused every bit on enjoying his voice and touch as much as possible. They rode out wave after wave of their respective orgasms, losing count over how many streams of semen had filled Hinata's womb. One orgasm after another assaulted her at random, giving her no chance to resist or prepare for the next. The Hyuuga clan seemed to be ashamed of what their ex-heiress has become, and distanced themselves. Their combined juices flooded out, covering the bathroom floor before being drained away. She felt them begin to squeeze.

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And her sexual desire only increased. Her base, animalistic desires were in control, fitting for a cow like her. As Hinata bounced her ass and tits, Naruto felt himself growing rock hard in response. Umur: 31 Tinggi: cm Afiliasi: Konohagakure Pangkat: Jonin, asisten dari Hokage ke-5 Spesialisasi: Ninja medis, serangan menggunakan racun Keterangan: Shizune adalah asisten dan orang yang paling diandalkan oleh Tsunade. Both Naruto and Hinata had mused during their days together that this might have been how that evil witch treated her victims: kidnapping unsuspecting girls after transforming them, then "breaking them in" by overwhelming their minds and bodies with the pleasure of milking, and the instinctual, obedient nature of a cow. Her surprise from being turned over was immediately replaced by the pleasurable tinging of her breasts and udder. Naruto truly took good care of her. These however, as said aren't drawn too well. Hinata's already intense love for Naruto had increased tenfold, and she was more than willing to be his personal cow.

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There was no mistaking what Hinata wanted in that moment. Sorry that this chapter ended up being rather short. Her voice rose to nearly a scream, and she struggled frantically against Naruto's grip, trying her best to make his fingers brush along her nipples and udder. She wanted her master to take her, mount her, violate her, ravish her, milk her, and pound her right through a wall. Keep me logged in on this device. Log in to your account Username or Email Address: He was also charged with several lesser misdemeanors, this can be hazardous for your dating life, because its home to the potential starlets of the future that LiveAF wants on its app. It was hard to tell if their bodies were soaked more with water or with sweat. She was driven by the need to breed. She no longer saw herself as a human with a bovine form, but as a cow inside and out. Naruto truly took good care of her.

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User Info: ImmaLelouch. Hinata backed off, but not being getting a few more good licks in. Hinata's hooved legs hung in the air while her vision turned upside-down. I think my mind was ready to close the book on this tale, so I decided to just bite the bullet and end it here. The atmosphere slowly turned gentle and sweet, and the lovers relaxed under the comforting water of the shower. The mark of the Uzumaki clan. Of course, at the time they were unaware of Naruto's deeper, more perverted intentions in mind. But to her immense joy, she didn't have to wait long.

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Naruto bellowed like a wild boar when his orgasm hit. Forgot your username or password? User Info: ImmaLelouch. Her tail flipped around wildly. Thanks to his years of training, he could turn Hinata's large body over with little effort. He knew how much Hinata wanted to be milked, and often enjoyed teasing her. It wasn't the first time he drank milk straight from the source, and it never failed to be so addicting that he couldn't stop. Naruto reveled in Hinata's voice, and the way she uselessly struggled, completely under his mercy.

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